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Encore (PRE) Encore (PRE)

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Like it

I think this progresses really well - the progression of the melody from the opening strings into the piano and string combination works very well. I don't think the percussion needs to be as high in the mix as it is, as it overwhelms the tune quite a lot - certainly the hihat that counts it in needs a bit of velocity variation, as it sounds a bit too metronomic as it is. I think the piano sequence at the very end would haea lot more emotional impact if such slightly dischordant strings wove around it and died away as it progressed, but that's just an idea.

Still, quite like it!

TheUprising1 responds:

Yeah, as I said - this is a five minutes mix, I kind of was in a hurry when I did it. The drums sure are one of the things I'll fix, the volume as well as the velocity and the beat.
About the end, I was planning to have a fading wind sound going on throughout the song that will support the piano in that part especially, as well as some slow, swelling string sounds and eventually a feedback sound like Olafur Arnalds does it. That should work well to support the piano.

- The Uprising