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A Wilhelm Scream A Wilhelm Scream

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Good stuff

This is good - the use of the brush type suits the theme perfectly, and you'vre managed to get a very organic feel even through the digital media. I like the way you've concentrated an area of high contrast around Mike's mouth, so that the eye is drawn to it automatically - the mis-alignment of the teeth gives a definite feeling of motion to the painting.

That said, I think that the way the teeth are rendered at the moment has a haphazard rather than intentional qaulity. Not that I think the teeth need to be rendered anatomically accurately, or anything. But I think a bit more care around that part would push it forward. There's potentially a great, twisted focus to the image there if you developed and refined that part a little more - adding a little more detail to the teeth would also reinforce them as a focus point. The difficulty would be in keeping the loose, frenetic quality of the rest of the image. But still, I think it's a good picture, particular given the digital format.

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lankymeister responds:

thanks for the feedback :D and also critisizing my work is really helpful :) this is my first drawing on a digital format, anyways i just finished my first painting in my High School Adv Higher Art and ill upload that as soon as possible :)