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New Boy with Nails for Eyes chapter up

2011-01-08 06:06:37 by shngrdnr

Just posted the third part of my online comic, The Boy with Nails for Eyes, to Newgrounds - links to all three parts below:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 (new)

The comic is a dark fantasy, set in a grey smokestacked town by the sea. It's a prison of brick and iron, swarmed over by an endless croaking of crows. The story follows a boy called Bobby as he pursues a quest to the town's knotted heart - there, lurking in a nest of shadows, waits a walking hunger.

If you want to check it out before diving in, there's a trailer available as well. Wallpapers and other such stuff can be found on my website.

Enjoy - hope everyone's had a good New Year so far -


New Boy with Nails for Eyes chapter up


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